Church Annual Statistical Report Workbook
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Hopefully, starting January 1, 2014, you should be able to enter your church's statistical data using this link: Statistical Reporting

Having trouble getting to the data entry screen? GA has a known issue with Internet Explorer. Click on this link for helpful information.

Clerk's Annual Questionnaire

After January 1, 2014, enter your church's CAQ data using this link: CAQ Data

User names and passwords were sent to clerks of session in the annual reporting packet.

Presbytery Annual Reporting forms may be found here.

Resources for Clerks of Session




Blank Supply Forms

Ecumenical Supply Agreement

Extended Pulpit Supply Agreement

Stated Supply Agreement

Transitional Pastor Agreement

Transitional Ministry Church Profile

Annual Reviews & Archives

Annual reviews of congregations' minutes, rolls and registers are required by the Book of Order and are conducted by the Stated Clerk. The Session Records Review Checklist is located above.

All judicatories of the Presbyterian Church are required to deposit their records and minutes regularly at an approved temporary site or at the national archives in Philadelphia. For more information, contact:

The Presbyterian Historical Society

425 Lombard Street,
Philadelphia PA 19147-1516
Telephone (215) 627-1852
Fax (215) 627-0509

Angela White
Archives and Public Services Librarian
(812) 866-7181

Hanover College Library's Archives
(Approved by POV for temporary deposit)

Agnes Brown Duggan Library
Hanover College
PO Box 287
Hanover IN 47243