100 Years of Sacred Space

Presbyterian Camp & Conference Ministry Celebrating 100 Years 1908 – 2008 100 Years of Sacred Space was created for the celebration of 100 years of Presbyterian camping ministry by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in 2008. As you share this DVD with others, it is our hope they will understand better the vital role camp and […]

A New Church For A New World

In this new volume, pastor and distinguished church leader John Buchanan reviews the history of the Christian community, examines the realities of the church world-wide, and looks forward to the future where a new church may be needed to meet the challenges of a new world. Drawing upon his belief that the church is a […]

A Sacred Trust

Four Part Program and Facilitator’s Guide A Sacred Trust is a four part DVD training curriculum available as a part of the Teaching Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201 Training Kit. The goals of this fundamental boundaries program are to: Increase awareness of the need for healthy boundaries in the clergy-congregant or teacher-student relationship Provide clergy, lay leaders and […]

Alive To God In Jesus Christ

Alive to God in Jesus Christ not only presents an accessible way to nurture our intellectual and spiritual understanding of Jesus Christ, but we are also challenged to explore ways that our faith is lived out in our lives and in the world. Dr. Small brings to life the depth and breadth of our Reformed understanding […]

Black Presbyterians

The Office of African American Congregational Support of the General Assembly Council has captured the history of several African-American Presbyterians who were active in the Civil Rights Movement in this first of several DVDs entitled “Black Presbyterians: The Legacy Series.” This DVD on the Civil Rights movement is a resource that details the history of […]

Call to Worship: Children and Youth in Worship

Volume 42, Issue #2. Features/Authors are listed, Columns are not. Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken v Children in the Sanctuary Dawson, Kathy 1 Are Baptized Children Welcome at the Table? Mikoski, Gordon S. 7 Rethinking Youth Sunday Drury, Amanda; Dean, Kenda Creasy 14 Choosing a Children’s Bible Pritchard, Gretchen Wolff 21 The Work of Our Hands: […]

Call to Worship: Christian Marriage

Volume 41, Issue #3. Features/Authors are listed, Columns are not. Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken v A Pastor’s Reflection on the Marriage Rite Copeland, Brant S. 1 Front and Center Miller, J. Scott 10 Marriage: A New Way of Life Moore-Keish, Martha 18 Who’s to Do the “I Do’s?” Gamble, Eugenia A. 25 How Can We Not […]

Call to Worship: Scripture

Volume 41, Issue #4. Features/Authors are listed, Columns are not. Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken v Scripture in the Reformed Tradition Small, Joseph D. 1 The Place of the Decalogue in Reformed Liturgy Dorn, Christopher 7 Decalogue: A Musical Setting for Congregational Singing Gambrell, David 15 Sing to the Lord a New Psalm Scheer, Greg 16 The […]

Call to Worship: Year B

Volume 42, Issue #1. Features/Authors are listed, Columns are not. Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken v Lutherans and Reformed Living Together in Full Communion: Ten Years Daniels, Harold M. 1 One Curch, One Sanctuary West, Fritz 9 Eating What is Set Before You Brown, A. Michael 13 Lectionary Commentaries Bartlett, David 19 An Overview of the Revised […]