Guidelines for Communal Discernment

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Categories: Booklets & Journals and eBook Collection.
Author(s): Curtiss (Victoria G.).
Publication Dates: 2008.
Publisher(s): Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
Subject(s): Discernment (Christian theology).
Format(s): Booklet Bound and E-Book.

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    Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit that orients persons to be attentive to the presence of God in our midst. In discernment, persons sift through the many spirits that vie for our attention to hear the One True Spirit. discernment may be described as a means to:

    • recognize and acknowledge what God is doing and what God desires;
    • see a situation from God’s perspective;
    • listen to the Holy Spirit, who prays within and among us;
    • hear and obey God’s voice.

    Communal discernment engages a group of people to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. It involves prayer, a humble surrendering of control, reflection on Scripture, and listening carefully to one another as together we seek to hear God’s voice.