Behavioral Covenants In Congregations

This down-to-earth workbook gets to the heart of modern congregational life: how to live creatively together despite differences of age, race, culture, opinion, gender, theological or political position.¬†Alban Senior Consultant Gil Rendle explains how to grow by valuing our differences rather than trying to ignore or blend them. He describes a method of establishing behavioral […]

Completing The Circle

On his second day as association minister for the United Church of Christ, David McMahill received three phone calls from lay leaders who were looking for resources on “how to evaluate our minister.” He knew of several churches in which a poorly constructed process for evaluating the ministers had spun out of control, however, and […]

Creating A Healthier Church

Ronald W. Richardson helps us to understand how congregations function emotionally. Without being simplistic, he gives clear directions on how to improve their quality of life together and function more effectively in achieving mission goals. This book offers: A theory about human behavior that will aid understanding of how things can get out of control […]

Discerning Your Congregation’s Future

This is a rare book – combining practical tools for parish planning with equally practical help for the spiritual dimension of what parishes are all about. It can be a revolutionary book for congregational leaders who are serious about wanting to become an effective religious force in the future of their communities. The real surprise […]

From Stuck To Unstuck

“You have heard it said, ‘A method tried and true is like fine gold.’ But I say unto you, ‘A method that worked before is a heavy burden. Try something different!’ You have heard it said, ‘Do not make molehills out of mountains.’ But I also say unto you, ‘Do not make molehills out of […]

Holy Conversations

Planning can be challenging in the contemporary congregation, where people share a common faith and values but may have very different preferences and needs. Much of the literature on congregational planning presents it as a technical process: the leader serves as the chief problem solver, and the goal is finding “the solution to the problem.” […]

Hope In Conflict

This helpful guide shows pastors how to look beyond the superficial or most obvious reasons for a particular conflict within their own church, find what is hopeful in the conflict, and reframe the situation, giving the congregation the strength to change it as well.

Innovations In Ministry

Asserting that the good news greatly exceeds the bad news, Innovations in Ministry celebrates what’s working in American Protestantism. Lyle E. Schaller identifies the new, emerging models for ministry, with heavy emphasis on paradigm shifts toward laity driven ministries, which include: (1) market-driven ‘niched’ ministry to reach diverse populations; (2) ownership and initiative in ministry; […]

Kicking Habits

Kicking Habits: Upgrade Edition is the groundbreaking book on systemic change that has literally birthed new congregations, rejuvenated tired leaders, and transformed declining churches. It tells the story of thriving church life through the experiences of the institutionally alienated, spiritually yearning public. It provides the big picture of thriving church life in the postmodern world. […]

Kicking Habits with Tom Bandy

This video is based on the popular church transformation trilogy ‘Kicking Habits,’ ‘Coming Clean’ and ‘Facing Reality.’ Presenter Tom Bandy helps you understand the changing spiritual yearning of the public, and explains the basic elements of the experience and mission of a thriving church. His systems approach to church transformation contrasts the declining church system […]