Completing The Circle

Reviewing Ministries in the Congregation

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): McMahill (David R.).
Publication Dates: 2003.
Publisher(s): Alban Institute.
Subject(s): Church management, Church work - Evaluation, and Strategic planning.
Format(s): Softcover.

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  • BV 4400 .M35 2003
  • Summary:

    On his second day as association minister for the United Church of Christ, David McMahill received three phone calls from lay leaders who were looking for resources on “how to evaluate our minister.” He knew of several churches in which a poorly constructed process for evaluating the ministers had spun out of control, however, and had gradually come to believe it is probably better for a church not to attempt an evaluation process at all than to do one carelessly or to naively use a design intended for a secular organization. Based on the needs he saw, McMahill began to work with numerous congregations looking for ways to review both leaders and ministries and developed the feedback/reflection process he lays out in this book.

    Based on sound principles of effective communication, this simple system of asking for descriptive feedback about various aspects of a congregation’s life together takes into account the specific setting and the unique relationship between minister and congregation. The results: a respectful, constructive, helpful, review of leaders and ministries in a congregation, and the creation of a culture of healthy communication in the congregation.