A History of the Todd-Dickey Rural Training Parish

The Todd-Dickey Rural Training Parish consisted of 13 churches in Clark, Jefferson and Scott Counties. The churches were: Charlestown, Miller’s Chapel, Mt. Lebanon, Henryville, Otisco, Nabb, Owen Creek, New Market, New Washington, Bethlehem, Hebron, Sharon Hill, and Lexington. This history was assembled and published in print form by the Presbytery of New Albany in 1963. Digital […]

Introducing Christianity

By the best-selling author of over a dozen key works of religious education, this clearly written introduction to Christianity for adults and young readers offers: Non-technical language and easy reference A breakdown of Christianity in eight sub-divided chapters ranging from Jesus and the early church through churches, the bible, ceremonies, and beliefs. Full glossary and […]

One Under God

In recognition of the contributions women have made to the congregations that now form the Presbytery of Ohio Valley, the Advisory Council on Women – with the help and love of the individual church ‘historians’ – has compiled these histories and sketches. ACW’s contribution to the celebration of America’s Bi-centennial is to share with each […]

Presbyterian and Reformed Historic Sites

A registry of sites that are associated with important people, organizations, institutions, and events of the churches of the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition. They are located in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, in large cities and small towns, in counrty fields and amid the high rise buildings of downtown districts. They preserve the memory […]

User Friendly Churches

Is your church user friendly? The apostle Paul shared that he was willing to use all means to win the lost with the gospel of Christ (1 Corinthians 9:22). Today’s growing churches are putting Paul’s words into practice as they reach out to their communities. And as they remain centered on the Bible and committed […]

Vital Signs

Vital Signs summarizes the research on American mainstream Protestantism in the twentieth century and assesses the significance of that research for these denominations as they confront the twenty-first century. Written primarily for church members and pastors or priests, this book will be a valuable resource for congregations and denominations, helping them to understand the trends […]