Biblical Authority For The Life Of The Church

This important paper, number 3 in the Office of Theology and Worship’s “Church Issues Series,” was produced by the United Reformed Church in the United Kingdom. It is valuable to Presbyterians because it illuminates unity/diversity matters by providing fresh perspectives on the crucial question of the Bible’s authority in the church and by providing scriptural […]

Ordination And Authority

As Presbyterians we find ourselves in a place of enduring contention as to who should be ordained without a clear conception of why we should be ordaining anyone. And if we are unsure of the nature of ordained ministry, we certainly will be unclear as to how the ordained exercise authority. Because we live in […]

Peace, Unity, and Purity?

From the Publisher’s Note: The Theological Task Force on Peace, Unity, and Purity of the Church was created by the 213th General Assembly (2001) in a denominational context of polarization.… In the pages that follow, you are invited to engage this process of consideration via the ruminations of three leaders of the church. It is my hope that these […]

Seeking Peace, Unity, and Purity

In this video, Vicky Curtiss, co-pastor of Collegiate Presbyterian Church in Ames, Iowa, shares some of the tools being used on the task force to build a community of trust within the framework of worship, Bible study, prayer, and sharing. Frances Taylor Gench, professor of New Testament at Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of […]