Celebrate the Journey

The Presbyterian Presence in the U.S.A.

Celebrate the Journey

Media Information:

Categories: Video Collection.
Publication Dates: 1991.
Produced by: Interlink Video Productions.
Subject(s): Presbyterian Church - History and Religion.
Format(s): VHS.

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  • Summary:

    Celebrate the Journey: The Presbyterian Presence in the USA chronicles the significant impact that Presbyterians have had on the American culture.

    Pegging the Presbyterian presence to chronological periods in the United States, beginning with the Colonial Period and continuing through the 1990’s, Celebrate the Journey lifts up key Presbyterian leaders for their contribution to both the church and society.

    In this contemporary age, when the Christian faith is often challenged and the future of mainline denominations frequently questioned, the message of this videotape is a valuable corrective. But as important as the Presbyterian contribution to this country might be, the videotape continually reminds the viewer that genuine celebration occurs as individuals respond to God’s grace.