200 Years of Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women have a mission, a voice, and a place in the church. This video is an introduction to the history of Presbyterian Women, which began 200 years ago when women had no role outside the home. Two centuries after the first Presbyterian women gathered to pray and donate their hard earned pennies to the […]

A Presbyterian Family Album

The Rev. John Witherspoon, Scottish pastor and preacher at the first General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1789 returns 200 years later, consults his ‘family album,’ and revisits many Philadelphia sites. The video also shows scenes from Presbyterian missionary projects and bicentennial events.

Celebrate the Journey

Celebrate the Journey: The Presbyterian Presence in the USA chronicles the significant impact that Presbyterians have had on the American culture. Pegging the Presbyterian presence to chronological periods in the United States, beginning with the Colonial Period and continuing through the 1990’s, Celebrate the Journey lifts up key Presbyterian leaders for their contribution to both […]

Congregations Who Care

What is a parish nurse? The creation of Parish Nurse positions represents a new perspective on health ministry. It is a response to the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly policy statement that challenges individual congregations to become communities of health and wholeness. Churches are encouraged to become ‘vigorous and conscious promoters of health in all […]

Connecting Diversity in Community

American society has never been more culturally diverse and rich, yet our communities are sadly fragmented. People with unique heritages and perspectives live side by side, but seldom interact with each other in any meaningful way. In many communities, our churches physically occupy the center of a town or neighborhood, but they are not necessarily […]

Essential Tenets of the Reformed Faith

Essential Tenets of the Reformed Faith includes two separate classes: The first, ‘Essential Tenets of the Reformed Faith’ (28min) helps church officers answer their ordination question honestly; G-14.0207c. ‘Do you sincerely receive and adopt the essential tenets of the Reformed faith as expressed in the confessions of our church as authentic and reliable expositions of […]

Growing Churches in Hope

This short video highlights Evangelism and Church Development’s areas of ministry: Church Growth Centers; how to reach emerging generations and racial, ethnic, and immigrant groups; congregational ministry using electronic media (Web sites, visual aids, etc.) and alternative and ethnic music.

Growing Intentional Disciples

Are the people in your pews growing into spiritual redwoods, or are you cultivating dwarfed, or perhaps ‘bonsai’ disciples? Other than the movement of the Spirit, the greatest foundational dynamic in faithful churches is the spiritual health and well being of each member. This 52 minute video explores four interdependent processes that contribute to spiritual […]

Holy Motion

Shows youth and youth leaders line dancing to Christian and secular music. Briefly discusses a philosophy of Christian recreation. Filmed at: The Presbyterian Center, Louisville, Ky.; the 1998 Presbyterian Youth Triennium, West Lafayette, Ind.; Montreat Youth Conference 1999, Montreat, N.C.; Montreat West Youth Conference, Fort Collins, Co.; The Dawn … an Epiphany, 1999-2000, Indianapolis, Ind.; […]

How I Changed My Mind About Homosexuality

“I appreciate the opportunity to address you this morning. I am going to speak about my change of mind on the question of homosexuality, what I have learned theologically in that process, and some implications for us as a church.” And thus Dr. Rogers begins his simple, yet startling presentation to the 2003 Northwest Regional […]