A Reading Of Calvin’s Institutes

‘Professor Reist provides us with a careful and fully documented account of the themes and the structure of the Institutes…. His years of living with Calvin’s writings are reflected in an ability to penetrate to the inner logic and development of the Reformer’s thought and effectively to counter many of the gross misunderstandings represented among […]

Building God’s People

Leadership? What for? Here is a workbook for a four-week study course – for clergy and laity – which seeks to answer this question from a specifically biblical and New Testament point of view. The author probes the biblical understanding of issues such as power and authority, and seeks to make clear why Jesus’ approach […]

Building Your Own Model For Cooperative Ministry

Building Your Own Model for Cooperative Ministry is a program for mission development with many important characteristics … Cooperative development is the key to a successful mission program. Congregations are bound together into a larger configuration; not isolated. This vision of the church is profoundly important as a vital ingredient in the remedy for the […]

Calvin’s Ecclesiastical Advice

In this collection of forty-six letters and writings of John Calvin, newly translated into English, the reformer gives advice to individuals and groups about theology, ethics, worship, politics, economics, and church practices. Topics discussed include dogmatics and polemics, changes (and the need for changes) in religion, the worship of images, ecclesiastical discipline, marriage, and justice.┬áSpecific […]

Celebrate the Journey

Celebrate the Journey: The Presbyterian Presence in the USA chronicles the significant impact that Presbyterians have had on the American culture. Pegging the Presbyterian presence to chronological periods in the United States, beginning with the Colonial Period and continuing through the 1990’s, Celebrate the Journey lifts up key Presbyterian leaders for their contribution to both […]

Clergy Self Care

Nationally known for his work and teaching on clergy development, Oswald integrates research and experience into a liberating perspective on the pastoral calling. Discover how imbalances in your physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual lives can destroy the very ministry you seek to carry out. Learn what you can do to restore that balance. Packed with […]

Coming Out To God

‘In this collection of sixty prayers . . . Chris Glaser opens new vistas to us in prayer, discipleship, and the relationship between spirituality and sexuality. . . . This book is a classic in devotional literature which one will return to again and again’. –Merrill M. Follansbee, co-founder of the Sacramento chapter of Parents […]

Confronting The Idolatry Of Family

Pastors and church leaders often assert that we can save our society and our churches if we restore family values in our culture. Think again! In this provacative book, Janet Fishburn challenges the church’s conventional practice of idolizing and revolving around the needs of the family unit. Fishburn asserts that the ‘family’ is not the […]

Constructing A Public Theology

The essays in this book demonstrate that a theology shaped by the biblical narratives and grounded in the practices of the Christian community can provide resources to enable people to regain a public voice in a pluralistic culture. Ronald Theimann challenges us to develop a public theology that remains based in the particulars of Christian […]