Call to Worship: Living the Christian Year


Volume 43, Issue #3. Features/Authors are listed, Columns are not.

Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken v
Sacraments and Seasons Wasserman, Marney A. 1
Majoring in Minors Copeland, Brant S. 11
How the Liturgical Year (God’s Time) Encounters Us Bower, Peter C. 17
Let Us Our Songs Employ Wall, Eric 23
New Psalms for Holy Week (Year C) Wilkey, Jay 32
The Christian Year Gambrell, David 40
A Season of Pentecost? Graves, Mike 42
Repertoire for the Church Pianist Kroeker, Charlotte 45
New Liturgy for Lent Gambrell, David 53
The Work of Our Hands: Wanting to See Jesus Berry, Kirsten Malcolm 61