Call to Worship: Year B

Lectionary Aids for 2008-2009


Volume 42, Issue #1. Features/Authors are listed, Columns are not.

Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken v
Lutherans and Reformed Living Together in Full Communion: Ten Years Daniels, Harold M. 1
One Curch, One Sanctuary West, Fritz 9
Eating What is Set Before You Brown, A. Michael 13
Lectionary Commentaries Bartlett, David 19
An Overview of the Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings Dipko, Thomas A. 26
Eucharistic Prayer for Ordinary Time Briehl, Susan; Hopson, Hal 33
Eucharistic Prayers for Advent: Year A Gambrell, David 36
Eucharistic Prayer for Ordinary Time Schneider, Kathryn 38
Up From the Ashes Kitchens, Jim; Dixon, Baird 41
Tears in Your Bottle Gamble, Eugenia A. 49
Aids for the Revised Common Lectionary: Year B 55