Call to Worship: Healing and Wholeness


Volume 43, Issue #2. Features/Authors are listed, Columns are not.

Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken
The Invisible Wounds of War Dorn, Christopher; Zemler, John 1
The Work of Our Hands: A Wing and a Prayer Vandermeer, David A. 9
A Service for Healing after Relinquishing a Child for Adoption Glass, Marci Auld 13
Sing, Touch, Remember Johnston, Donna Giver 21
Creation-Healing Liturgy and the Song of Songs Hessel-Robinson, Timothy 33
Sisters of Mercy Apple, Anne H. K. 43
Full of Sound and Music, Signifying Healing Bethune, Virginia Redhead 49
A Service for Wholeness in Times of Economic Crisis Gambrell, David 55
The Dance of Healing Phillips, Ellen Cavendish 63
Introduction to the Liturgical Index of Commonly Used Praise Songs Salmons, Kati 65