Bridging Divided Worlds

Generational Cultures in Congregations

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Carroll (Jackson W.) and Roof (Wade Clark).
Publication Dates: 2002.
Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass.
Subject(s): Church, Intergenerational relations - Religious aspects, and Religion.
Format(s): Hardcover.

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  • BV 640 .C37 2002
  • Summary:

    Bridging Divided Worlds by Jackson W. Carroll and Wade Clark Roof — two experts in the field of contemporary religion — presents a comprehensive study of generational dynamics within congregations. Their groundbreaking work analyzes the crucial role the generations play in reshaping the American religious landscape. Throughout the book the authors examine current religious and spiritual trends and reveal how these changes can offer opportunities for enriching a congregation’s faith and spiritual life.

    Bridging Divided Worlds offers an insightful analysis of how congregations have historically adapted to change and reveals how various contemporary groups of congregants have dealt with change in recent years. The authors profile three types of congregations: inherited congregations (practices are guided by the past); blended congregations (practices honor inherited tradition and are attentive to generational diversity); and generation-specific congregations (practices are tailored to the needs of a particular generation). With these profiles the authors provide commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of each. In addition to its wealth of information and commentary, this indispensable resource shows how congregations are discovering ways to bridge the gaps and connect the different worlds the generations inhabit to create stronger, richer, and more vibrant religious communities.