Bridging Divided Worlds

Bridging Divided Worlds by Jackson W. Carroll and Wade Clark Roof — two experts in the field of contemporary religion — presents a comprehensive study of generational dynamics within congregations. Their groundbreaking work analyzes the crucial role the generations play in reshaping the American religious landscape. Throughout the book the authors examine current religious and […]

Holy Play

In Holy Play popular author and teacher Kirk Byron Jones shows how to move forward together with God to imagine and live your true life purpose with creativity and joy. This extraordinary book gives you permission to stop waiting for God to tell you what to do and start doing what God has been inspiring […]

Leading Without Power

Simple yet profound, Max De Pree’s observations are often quoted by America’s top CEOs, educators, and opinion makers. The best-selling author of Leadership Is an Art and Leadership Jazz, he has done no less than revolutionize leadership thinking and practice. Now, in Leading Without Power, De Pree finds that the most successful organizations of the […]

The Active Life

The Active Life is Parker J. Palmer’s deep and graceful exploration of a spirituality for the busy, sometimes frenetic lives many of us lead. Telling evocative stories from a variety of religious traditions, including Taoist, Jewish, and Christian, Palmer shows that the spiritual life does not mean abandoning the world but engaging it more deeply […]

The Elephant In The Boardroom

Carolyn Weese and J. Russell Crabtree – experts in the field of church leadership – have written a nuts-and-bolts guide to developing a succession plan for smoothing pastoral transitions. Filled with strategies and solid advice, this handy resource is based in solid research and the authors’ many years of experience working with churches in a […]

The Leader’s Journey

Many books describe elements of church leadership – what it is and how to do it – but very few focus on the process of personal transformation that is central to being able to lead well. The Leader’s Journey provides a blueprint and the practical tools needed to transform the lives of pastors and congregational lay leaders […]

Virtual Faith

Beaudoin, himself a member of Generation X, explores fashion, music videos, and cyber-space and concludes that his generation has fashioned a theology radically different from but no less potent or valid than that of their elders. Beaudoin’s investigation of popular culture uncovers four themes that underpin his generation’s theology. First, all institutions are suspect – […]