185th Anniversary at First Presbyterian Church of Jeffersonville, IN

Dr. Louis Weeks, retired President of Union Presbyterian Seminary and former Dean of Louisville Seminary, will be the guest preacher and teacher for First Presbyterian Church of Jeffersonville, Indiana’s 185th Anniversary Celebration, the weekend of May 23 & 24.

All are invited to a workshop at the church on Saturday morning, from 8:30 till noon, “A Sustainable Presbyterian Future,” in which Dr. Weeks will highlight the findings in his recent book by that title.

Dr. Weeks will also be teaching a class at 9:30 on Sunday morning, “From Then Till Now at 185 Years Per Hour,” focusing on the history of the congregation and of Presbyterianism in the “Kentuckiana” area and will preach at worship services on Saturday evening at 5:00 and Sunday morning at 10:45.

The congregation welcomes everyone to join the celebration.