2022 Prayer Partners in Presbytery of Ohio Valley

The Prayer Partners chart for the year and information for the month of February are now available! They can be downloaded from the Presbytery of Ohio Valley website using the following links:

Beginning with this year, the presbytery office will be responsible for gathering and distributing the monthly Prayer Partners information. As we got started, we found it necessary to shift the calendar forward by a month in order to allow us the time to adjust to this change; therefore you will see that the chart begins with February, and some churches may be positioned in a different month than usual this year, but we were still able to fit in all churches that are due to be part of this year’s cycle.

The monthly Prayer Partner information will continue to be posted for download on the Prayers of the Presbytery webpage.

Submissions for churches should be sent to office@presbyteryov.org. This address goes to both myself and Stephanie Worden. In order to distribute the monthly Prayer Partners info in a timely manner, we will need to have the information by the 10th day of the month that precedes the month in which your church/organization is listed. We just need a paragraph or two telling a little about your church or organization – size and activities, location and neighborhood, special programs, history, and anything else that would help others in the presbytery get a better sense of who and where you are. Also send us any joys you’d like to share or prayer requests for your church activities or programs.

Thank you,
Rhonda Seymour