All Through The Night

Nighttime signifies many things. Apart from the rest and refreshment that sleep brings, the night can be a time for gazing at the stars, dreaming, and loving. For some, it might mean keeping vigil when tending to the very young or sick. For others, it might mean working so that others may rest peacefully. For […]

Finding Your Prayer Personality

Pray as you can – don’t try to pray as you can’t. These wise words form the basis of this book, which aims to set you free to express yourself in prayer – in the way that best suits your personality and outlook. God has chosen to create us different from one another. And yet, […]

Learning To Pray

In northern California, there is fog in the morning. Slowly, it clears. We know that the mountains, the trees, the sky are there, behind the fog, but we cannot see them with our eyes. Instead, we know them in our bodies, we know them for having seen them, felt them, watched the fog lift again […]