A Praying Congregation

“I believe that God is calling all of us into deeper prayer and is longing for our congregations to become places of prayer,” writes Jane E. Vennard. Pastors and others who want to develop their skills as teachers of prayer and spiritual practices will find in this book not only wisdom for themselves but easily […]

All Through The Night

Nighttime signifies many things. Apart from the rest and refreshment that sleep brings, the night can be a time for gazing at the stars, dreaming, and loving. For some, it might mean keeping vigil when tending to the very young or sick. For others, it might mean working so that others may rest peacefully. For […]

Becoming A Woman Of Prayer

Cynthia Heald leads readers through an examination of what the Bible teaches about prayer. In addition to a thought-provoking Bible study, each lesson features classic quotes from some of the great devotional writers throughout history, a reflection from Cynthia, and a suggested memory verse. It will encourage readers to respond to God’s invitation to deeper […]

Finding Your Prayer Personality

Pray as you can – don’t try to pray as you can’t. These wise words form the basis of this book, which aims to set you free to express yourself in prayer – in the way that best suits your personality and outlook. God has chosen to create us different from one another. And yet, […]

Learning To Pray

In northern California, there is fog in the morning. Slowly, it clears. We know that the mountains, the trees, the sky are there, behind the fog, but we cannot see them with our eyes. Instead, we know them in our bodies, we know them for having seen them, felt them, watched the fog lift again […]

Living Simply Through The Day

Revised and updated after its first appearance 20 years ago, this book reflects insights that the author has gleaned and experiences that he has accumulated through the years while honoring the significance of simplicity, particularly in the midst of so much complexity in modern life.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Lord, Teach Us to Pray is a resource designed for individuals and groups of all ages, for both public and personal settings. Dozens of methods of prayer are presented for practice and teaching, ranging from reading the Bible and creating art, to the Jesus prayer and acts of justice. This resource is intended for all […]

Soul Biopsy

The spiritual journey of the soul takes a radical turn when one hears the word ‘cancer’ from the physician’s mouth. Share in the ‘adventure’ of a woman, mother, oncology and intensive care nurse, former Hospice chaplain and pastor as she tells her own spiritual and intimate story in the letter to a ‘dear Friend.’ Diagnosed […]

Soul Design

Life is much like a cluster of grapes… Writing your own spiritual autobiography can be a wonderful harvest of the soul. Picking your stories, tasting them, pressing them and extracting their unique flavor, and allowing them to ferment into a rich wine is the goal of this guide. You will have the opportunity to remember, […]

The Apostles’ Creed

From the Introduction: If a nonbeliever asked you what you believe, what would you say? A good place to start would be the Apostles’ Creed. All Christians share the creed, we say it together, many of us weekly, and it summarizes the faith in a few words. Even as we recite these well-worn words, however, […]