Behavioral Covenants In Congregations

This down-to-earth workbook gets to the heart of modern congregational life: how to live creatively together despite differences of age, race, culture, opinion, gender, theological or political position.¬†Alban Senior Consultant Gil Rendle explains how to grow by valuing our differences rather than trying to ignore or blend them. He describes a method of establishing behavioral […]

Clergy Killers

Clergy Killers offers remedial strategies for pastors and congregations who want to protect themselves against the abuse of parishioners with personality disorders, mental illnesses, and mean streaks in situations that go well beyond mere church conflict.

From Stuck To Unstuck

“You have heard it said, ‘A method tried and true is like fine gold.’ But I say unto you, ‘A method that worked before is a heavy burden. Try something different!’ You have heard it said, ‘Do not make molehills out of mountains.’ But I also say unto you, ‘Do not make molehills out of […]

Hope In Conflict

This helpful guide shows pastors how to look beyond the superficial or most obvious reasons for a particular conflict within their own church, find what is hopeful in the conflict, and reframe the situation, giving the congregation the strength to change it as well.

To Strengthen Christ’s Body

Conflict is a part of life even within the church. Conflict is not, in and of itself, either good or harmful. Conflicts contain the potential for both, depending on how they are handled. This resource identifies and explores basic concepts and tools that can help address the conflict and disagreements that are a part of […]