Black Presbyterians

The Office of African American Congregational Support of the General Assembly Council has captured the history of several African-American Presbyterians who were active in the Civil Rights Movement in this first of several DVDs entitled “Black Presbyterians: The Legacy Series.” This DVD on the Civil Rights movement is a resource that details the history of […]

Lift Every Voice

This report recommends ways to strengthen democratic — small d — promise and practice in the political life of the United States based on principles of Reformed Christianity. Presbyterian political scientists, ethicists and others studied why so many Americans do not vote, despite the 2007 renewal of Voting Rights Act protections against racial discrimination. Remedies […]

Security, Diversity and Respect

These videos were produced as part of the Chicago Police Department’s desire to communicate more effectively with religious groups after the Sept. 11 attacks. They focus on Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus. Each contains scenes shot inside homes and houses of worship, as well as interviews in which religious and community leaders explain aspects […]