A New Church For A New World

In this new volume, pastor and distinguished church leader John Buchanan reviews the history of the Christian community, examines the realities of the church world-wide, and looks forward to the future where a new church may be needed to meet the challenges of a new world. Drawing upon his belief that the church is a […]

Authentic Congregations

William Hopper believes it is time for a renewed emphasis on congregations in the life of the Presbyterian Church, and so in this book he challenges Presbyterians to revitalize congregational leadership, organization, and mission for greater service in a changing world. Using case studies of “authentic congregations” — diverse Presbyterian congregations that are responding creatively […]

Being Presbyterian In The Bible Belt

Addressing such questions as ‘Is the Bible the Literal Word of God or Just a Long, Boring Book?’ this is an easy-to-understand, slightly irreverent approach to theology and the kind of theological musings that many youth and others have today. Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt acknowledges that though the views expressed in questions like […]

Book Of Occasional Services

A liturgical resource supplementing the Book of Common Worship, containing multiple services for ordination and installation, commissioning, dedications, marking transitions in congregations and governing bodies, together with additional prayers for various occasions.

Confessional Standards for a Confessing Church

From the Publisher’s Note: […] The term “confessing church” has come to mean something altogether different in the current Presbyterian context, however, as right-wing organizations seek to use confessional statements as theological sledgehammers to bludgeon Presbyterians into a rigid orthodoxy that divisively excludes certain persons from ecclesiastical leadership. It is in this context that Union Theological Seminary— Presbyterian School of Christian […]


Confirmation is one of the most widespread practices in the contemporary church, although much confusion exists about its relationship to faith: Is confirmation a rite of passage? Is it just one step on an unfolding journey of faith? Are new privileges granted and additional responsibilities required of confirmants? Christian educator Richard Robert Osmer addresses these […]

Definitive Guidance

Using the statements from the 1977, 1978, and 1979 General Assemblies of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. and the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., this ten-session study guide seeks to help Presbyterians understand the denomination’s position on homosexuality and the role that ‘definitive guidance’ plays in policy decisions about this issue. Included is […]

Fire And Wind

Fire and Wind is a collection of essays and sermons by prominent Presbyterian theologians and leaders on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and its application for the church today. Topics include the Holy Spirit and the prophets, the Holy Spirit in baptism, the contemporary relevance of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit in […]

God’s Vision, Our Calling

From start to finish, the Bible indicates that there is a clear and direct connection between God’s long-term vision and our immediate calling. Using Ephesians 4:1-6 as a base, award-winning Bible study writer and educator Janice Catron skillfully uses Old and New Testament passages to explore six aspects of our calling as Christians – relationships, […]

Holy Is The Lord

In this resource, worship planners will find the work of many of today’s leading composers. This collection is a unique blend of music ranging from classical, traditional, and chant, to global, African-American gospel, and praise genres. Some settings will be more accessible to smaller congregations or those just beginning to use service music, other settings […]