21 Bridges To The 21st Century

The past five decades have altered the role of churches, and the third millennium will bring an even more radically different context for ministry. In this important book, Schaller discusses four dozen factors that will provide challenges and opportunities for pastoral ministries in the next millenniun.

Benchmarks Of Quality In The Church

This definitive handbook can help church leaders to understand the powerful tools available that lead to continuous improvement in ministry. Charts, diagrams, statistics, and ‘quality jargon’ are kept to a minimum. An appendix on Total Quality Management will aid leaders who wish to explore more carefully the literature on the quality movement.

Church Conflict

We often describe the church as a ‘family,’ even ‘the family of God,’ In fact, the church is like a family – and it fights like one, too! As in any family, conflict in the church family is natural and inevitable. But the way the church family handles its fights can make or break ministry. […]

Even In The Best Of Families

Retelling the stories of seven different families in the Bible, the author draws on his experiences as a pastor, educator and family therapist in a variety of cultural contexts to offer insights and stimulate reflection about family life today. The cultural and historical context of these biblical families differs from our own, and patriarchal and […]


FaithQuakes is for people who have the shakes and are looking to God’s future. With up-to-the-minute monitoring of changes and trends that affect our lives, Leonard Sweet provides refreshingly unconventional glimpses into the future that must be grasped by church leaders. We learn how to pursue a more effective, ‘go and tell’ evangelism that reaches […]

In Search Of A Leader

“If ever a book met a ‘felt need’ this is it. Here is a practical assistance for search committees provided by an experienced consultant in executive work.” – Ted W. Engstrom, President Emeritus, World Vision “Dingmans’s experience, wisdom, candor, and humor come through in this book. He is remarkably qualified to share the literally hundreds […]

Innovations In Ministry

Asserting that the good news greatly exceeds the bad news, Innovations in Ministry celebrates what’s working in American Protestantism. Lyle E. Schaller identifies the new, emerging models for ministry, with heavy emphasis on paradigm shifts toward laity driven ministries, which include: (1) market-driven ‘niched’ ministry to reach diverse populations; (2) ownership and initiative in ministry; […]

Intervention Skills

Finally, a functional guide that focuses on putting the concept of group-process consultation into actual practice! You’ll learn how and under what circumstances a process consultant should intervene to make a group’s work more effective. Plus, this guide shows you how to help groups identify, diagnose, and resolve problems as they occur! This handbook helps […]

Israel And The Politics Of Land

According to W. Eugene March, the world belongs to God. We do not ‘own’ land; rather, land is a loan from God and we must use it responsibly, that is, in a right and just way. In that context, March reflects on the present state of Israel and then examines the claim by many Jews […]

Nearest In Affection

‘The Nearest in Affection to those who believe,’ according to the Quran, ‘are the ones who say, ‘We are Christians.” Yet in many parts of the world where Christians and Muslims live side by side, the reality of their relationship falls far short of that ideal. Suspicions and fears arise from ignorance of each other’s […]