How Then, Shall We Live?

We all long to experience a sense of inner wholeness and guidance, but today’s notions of healing and recovery too often keep us focused on our brokenness, on our deficiencies rather than our strengths. Wayne Muller’s luminous new book gently guides us to the place where we are already perfect, already blessed with the wisdom […]

Learning To Pray

In northern California, there is fog in the morning. Slowly, it clears. We know that the mountains, the trees, the sky are there, behind the fog, but we cannot see them with our eyes. Instead, we know them in our bodies, we know them for having seen them, felt them, watched the fog lift again […]

Legacy Of The Heart

In this inspiring book, Wayne Muller draws on more than twenty years of experience as a therapist and minister to show how hard-won wisdom born of pain can become a powerful source of strength and peace. By revealing how to recognize the damaging effects of childhood wounds and how to transform them in order to […]


In today’s world, with its relentless emphasis on success and productivity, we have lost the necessary rhythm of life, the balance between work and rest. Constantly striving, we feel exhausted and deprived in the midst of great abundance. We long for time with friends and family, we long for a moment to ourselves. Millennia ago, […]