What Happened at Assembly on March 5th?

New Moderator, Rev Scott Hill, wielded the gavel for his first meeting of POV.  Scott is transitioning from his ministry as pastor at Corydon to being the interim pastor at Columbus First.

Representation in Balance  Part of the fundamental principles of the Presbyterian Church is that ministers (Teaching Elders) do not outweigh Ruling Elders in meetings and deliberations.  The balance is sound in POV.

Parish Associate is a role in the church for ministers who worship in local congregations. It is helpful at times to clarify the position of such a minister to the Pastor who serves that church.  The position is no longer a part of the Book of Order.  A POV process for creating a Parish Associate position was shared.

Report received on payments of per capita and of shared mission giving.  The level of per capita payments and of shared mission giving was published in the Assembly papers.  It will continue to be published.

Changes in the role of moderators of sessions were outlined.  Additional roles for persons who are moderating sessions were outlined.  An identified commission may appoint Moderators rather than the entire COM.  Some additional compensation will be attached to the role depending on the amount of work really needed.

A team was appointed to examine the vision statement of the presbytery and propose any needed structural changes.

Youth Triennium was promoted strongly.  POV plans to send a group of 50 youth to this year’s Triennium.

POV Academy has a broadened mission and continues to offer high quality educational opportunity to all who want to learn.  This is not just about being Commissioned to act in pastoral duties.  It is now about learning regardless of other goals.

Votes on Overtures took place at the Assembly.  Last summer’s GA meeting approved and sent to the presbyteries about 20 Overtures.  One was to adopt a new translation of the Heidelberg Catechism.  10 overtures were somewhat technical changes in the Book of Discipline and concerned Judicial process.  Most of the remaining Overtures were also technical and what the committee referred to as custodial.  There were no overtures that inspired strong debate as has happened so often recently.


Larry Jackman, Stated Clerk