What Happened At Assembly—June 10, 2014

Worship—As always, our meetings start and end in worship.  In the middle we fill the space that is worship too.  This meeting Kevin Fleming was our preacher.  Kevin is the pastor at First Church in Evansville.  His message was heavily focused on mission/stewardship/good witness already in place in our midst and the call to greet the future.  The celebration of Communion at the close of service was led by Murray Thompson who will soon retire as the pastor at Bloomfield.

Design Team Report—The Presbytery structure was adopted approximately 5 years ago.  It has served us well in some respects, but was a sweeping concept when initiated.  Some parts of that structure have worked, some have never really been fully implemented and some have faced challenges in accomplishing  goals.  There is, currently, a “Design Team” in place that is seeking to adjust and tune our current structure into a more functional tool for mission.

That team brought an initial report to Assembly including a bylaw revision that would more adequately support the mission of “what we want to be” as a Presbytery.  A more complete design will come to us in our December meeting.

CRE Dick Poff – Dick was re-commissioned as the Commissioned Ruling Elder Pastor at Spencer Bethany.  In two tours of service at Bethany, Dick will now enter his 11th year with the congregation.

Next Meeting—Our next meeting, September 13, will be in Dale.  We will help dedicate the new work at Dale in the Micah Center.  The Stated Clerk of General Assembly,  Grayde Parsons, will preach for us at that service.

Minimum Salary Recommendation— The Committee on Ministry report included a preview of minimum salary changes—the compensation will be an increase of 1 ½ percent taking the number to $44,856 when no manse is provided.  There is also, as has been published widely a   1 ½ % charge for dependent coverage for dependent family members that will be an additional item of need for clergy calls.

Other Committees—The Assembly also heard reports from the POV Academy,  The Mission Partnership Workgroup, PYOCA, Staff Reports and the shared information of the “Good News from the Pews”.