What Happened at Assembly April 7, 2016

POV enjoyed the hospitality of First Presbyterian in Jeffersonville.  The windows in the sanctuary have been refurbished in a major project that has been completed since the last time that the Presbytery met there.

Ruling Elder Zack Ellision moderated his first meeting.

The Transitional Executive from the Synod of Lincoln Trails was present.  Sara Dingman brought the sermon to our worship.  Sara also made comments during the meeting to outline the work and contributions of the Synod to our common life.  Specifically she discussed:

  • The synod is encouraging exploration of Bi-Vocational Ministry.
  • The synod is intensely in discussions about per-capita and mission giving.
  • The synod is intensively encouraging care for pastors with peer groupings and other           interventions.
  • Transitional skills (applicable to all persons) is to be taught locally in the synod.

A Vote was held on concurrence with an Overture to GA.  Overtures start on a presbytery level.  They move to the General Assembly where they are approved, rejected, edited, changed or answered in some way.  Every overture must have referral from more than one presbytery to be considered by GA.  If the changes involve change to the constitution, they must go back to the presbyteries.

The overture we acted upon did not involve constitutional change.  It was to support ministry of GA efforts related to HIV/Aids persons.

The Presbytery Foundation’s ministry was presented by Lisa Longo.  The Foundation’s national office is located in our presbytery in New Albany. Lisa outlined for us several important supports for mission and stewardship that are available to our congregations.

The POV Academy Committee reported through Trudy Vanderbeck.  The Academy has broadened its mission to focus on leadership training for all people in the Presbytery.  There is little demand by Elders for training to be Commissioned Ruling Elders. However, the need for training and education is still a need.

Report of the Lilly Grant   Charlie Pye brought us an update on Lily Grant issues.  Charlie reported for the Lily Excellence in Ministry Program.  Both loans and grants are available through the program.  Charlie reported his own work and helps.  He also emphasized the “no interest” loans for debt resolution.

Larry Jackman
Stated Clerk