Synod CRE Continuing Ed Class

Synod of Lincoln Trails

CRE Continuing Education

November 8, 2014 

All Beautiful the March of Days

We need respite, renewal and refreshment. This workshop is designed to nurture and nourish all ruling elders who have completed training to be commissioned within the contexts of their present service.

Framed in the exploration of scriptures and resources provided for the upcoming season in the church year, participants also engage in wide ranging discussions covering ministry challenges, new resources for strengthening leadership skills in themselves and others, as well as current denominational events.

Participants may use the workshop to meet their COM continuing education requirements.

Leadership is provided by the Rev. Dr. Laura Reason in Philo, IL, located just east of Champaign-Urbana at the heart of the Synod. To accommodate time zone differences, the final course in this series will begin at 9:00 Central, and conclude at 1:30 on Saturday, November 8, 2014. The course title is “Preparing for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Year B”

Click here to register. Forms can be sent either by email, mail or fax to Kristi Miller (