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May 11, 2012

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Coming Events

July 16-19 The Global Shift of Mission (Presbyterian History and Reformed Theology Lecture Series at Montreat Conference Center) The global shift of mission is the topic of the week during the Presbyterian History and Reformed Theology Lecture Series at Montreat Conference Center. This series will focus on global Christianity and features experts from Africa, South America, Asia and the field of missiology. Read more.

July 16-19 – Confluence 2012 (Korean Worship and Music Conference) Worship Educationally ~ Educate Worshipfully is the theme for the 2012 Korean Worship and Music Conference. To celebrate the third and final year of the Confluence educational research project for Asian American congregations, the Worship Conference and Confluence Project are holding their conference together. This conference will explore the educational significance of Christian worship experience, as well as how spirituality is nurtured during educational experiences. Read more

July 22 – 27 Immersion Experience: An Invitation to a Deeper Spiritual Life (CSF) This course will explore the origins of the Christian Spiritual Tradition. Participants will study the formative elements of Biblical Spirituality, Monastic Spirituality, and Reformed Spirituality. This course is the starting place for the Certificate in Spiritual Formation. Participants not enrolled in the Certificate in Spiritual Formation are welcome! Read More

August 6-8 Dispatches to God’s  Household: 1 & 2 Peter, 1–3 John, Jude ~ Presbyterian Women’s WEEKDAY training course The six books of the New Testament explored in this study teach us what it means to live in community, what it means to belong to the household of God. Led by Nancy Benson-Nicol, author of the study, we will explore family as a guiding and powerful metaphor in these epistles Read More…

August 10-11 Dispatches to God’s  Household: 1 & 2 Peter, 1–3 John, Jude ~ Presbyterian Women’s WEEKEND training course This is the weekend version of the course described, above, and will be led by Sharol Hayner, who led the weekend version of the course last summer. Read More

August 23-26 Growing in Wholeness:  Spiritual Formation and the Adult Life-Span (CSF) Across cultures, adulthood is understood as a time to fulfill roles and responsibilities to family, community, and society as a contributing member. Yet, there are many nuances during the sixty or so years that make up the adulthood. This course will observe the research in the field of adult developmental psychology, and how the patterns of adult development can lead to a deeper appreciation of natural movements in spiritual formation for adults. Read more

September 20-23 Embodied Spirituality: Embracing the Fullness of Life

(CSF) St. Irenaeus wrote, “The Glory of God is the human person fully alive.” What does it mean? Is it possible to be fully human and to live fully alive? In this course we will consider the body as primary instrument of learning and knowing and as central to our connection and experience of God. Read more.


SAVE THE DATE January 28-30, 2013: Explore Eastertide through worship, education, music, and scripture

What can worship committees, musicians, and pastoral staff do to shape coherent, faithful worship, week after week, season after season? How can Christian Education for children of God of all ages complement Sunday worship? When the focus is on the liturgical season and the biblical texts, how can we engage the ongoing work of mission and fellowship in the midst of these seasons?

Join us for January seminars 2013 to explore these and other questions with scholars and practitioners in the field  Through the lens of the liturgical season of Eastertide, preachers, teachers, music directors, worship, education and liturgical arts committee members will focus  resources to invigorate and inspire their ministries throughout the year. Participants will write liturgy, craft the proclamation of the Word, create the order of service, and write hymns that will shape closing worship during extended workshop sessions.

Workshop leaders confirmed as of this date include Glory To God Presbyterian Hymnal committee members Mel Bringle and Paul Huh and marketing coordinator Meg Flannagan; Kimberly Bracken Long, editor and contributor to the new Feasting On The Word Worship Companion; Michael Morgan, author of the Psalter For Christian Worship and contributor to the new CRC Psalter, Psalms For All Seasons; and William P. Brown, editor of the upcoming Oxford Companion To The Psalms.

Additional speakers, the event schedule and registration fee options will be announced soon. There will be discounts for groups of two or more persons from the same congregation or council/judicatory attending as a team.

Special Learning Opportunities

The S3 (Sabbath, Study and Service) Project is accepting proposals for peer learning group projects to begin in February 2013.  Groups (4-6 members) accepted will receive $500 per person to help underwrite a year-long project of their own design incorporating elements of Sabbath, Study and Service.  Application deadline is September 21. For additional information, including brochure and application, click HERE.  Questions?  Contact project coordinator/director of lifelong learning Sarah Erickson at 404-687-4526 or


CERTIFICATE in SPIRITUAL FORMATION COURSES (CSF) are open to all interested participants, not only those actively pursuing the Certificate in Spiritual Formation.


For additional information, please contact us at 404.687.4587 or  Visit us on the web at for the full course listing at


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