Presbyterian Youth Triennium Prepares for more than 5,000 Participants


Paul Seebeck
Communications Ministry,
Evangelism & Church Growth

More than five thousand participants-5,241 as of July 9 and counting – will gather for this week’s 2013 Presbyterian Youth Triennium, held July 16-20 at Purdue University.

“What a great thing, some five thousand Presbyterian youth getting a week of immersion in the faith community and gospel,” says Evangelism Ministries coordinator Ray Jones, of which Ministries with Youth is a part. “Imagine the impact on the church of youth and adults together getting a sense of what it means to be a disciple and follower of Jesus.”

The Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Ministries with Youth is the program team responsible for planning and implementation of Triennium. They began planning for this event in May of 2011.

“We anticipated 4,200 participants, hoped for more, and are really pleased and amazed to have 5,200-plus!” says Gina Yeager-Buckley, associate for ministries with youth and Triennium director. More…