just.good.food Update

According to the just.good.food. webpage churches throughout the Synods of Lakes and Prairies, Lincoln Trails and Mid-America have harvested and donated over 1,940 pounds of food.

The webpage is loaded with gardening tips. You can find out how to get butterflies to visit your garden, plant herb gardens and use rain barrels to conserve and reuse water. Did you know that Vinegar can be a very effective way to remove weeds?

For helpful gardening tips and updates visit the just.good.food. webpage and Facebook page.

About the Project

just.good.food. seeks to create and strengthen partnerships between PC(USA) congregations and organizations that provide food for those who need it by: Planting Gardens, Building Community, and Distributing Food ~ A project of the Synods of Lincoln Trails, Mid-America and Lakes and Prairies.