Office of the Stated Clerk

Elder Joe Kimmel

1701 E. 2nd St.
Suite 100
Bloomington, IN 47401

Office: (866) 344-7853, ext. 2

What is a Stated Clerk?

The Stated Clerk is one of two elected Constitutional officers of the presbytery, the other being the Moderator of the Presbytery Assembly.

In the Presbyterian tradition, the Stated Clerk is the Presbytery's chief ecclesiastical1 administrator and relates to other governing bodies and Christian communions, interprets presbytery actions, represents the presbytery, staffs the Permanent Judicial Commission and Committee on Representation, and is the Presbytery's secretary and parliamentarian, and executive secretary of the Presbytery's Council.

The Stated Clerk conducts reviews of session minutes annually and is a polity resource to Clerks and Moderators of Sessions and the constitutional and programmatic committees of presbytery.

The duties of the Stated Clerk include: supporting and interpreting the church's Constitution and the Manual of Operations and policies of the presbytery in light of the Presbyterian Constitution; organizing and managing meetings of the Presbytery; publishing the minutes and policies of Presbytery; collecting annual membership statistics; reviewing the minutes of sessions annually; assisting the Moderator and Vice-Moderator of Presbytery; communicating through various media with our constituents; supporting the administrative commissions of presbytery; coordinating the ecclesiastical work of the Presbytery between meetings; preserving the archives of minutes and records; providing support and training to clerks of sessions; and ensuring fair and effective representation on presbytery committees and agencies.

1 Ecclesiastical: 1. Of or pertaining to a church; 2. Relating to the organization or government of the church; 3. Appropriate for use in a church.