The “FAQ’s” About Your Resource Center…

Who can borrow materials?

All members of the Presbytery of Ohio Valley are eligible to borrow items from the Resource Center. When borrowing items, we require your contact information (phone, email and address). If you do not yet have a Resource Center account, please email the Presbytery office.

Individuals who are not Presbytery members and wish to inquire about borrowing items may contact us with their request at 1-866-344-7853.

How Do I Use the Resource Center Website? How do I search for books, videos, etc?

This part of the presbytery’s website gives you access to the contents of the POV Resource Center collection. The RC main page shows a random selection of items in an array. To the left of the array, you will see a search box. If you know the Title, Author, or a subject keyword you want to search for, simply type it into the search box and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Any items whose description contain the word(s) you typed will then be displayed in a list on your screen.

Clicking on the title of one entry will display the holdings record for that item.The holdings record gives you detailed information about the item, such as a summary of the contents, author(s), publisher, and in the case of video material, it will also display format (VHS/DVD) and running time. Call numbers for the copies attached to that record will also display, as well as their status: Available, Checked Out, or in the Reference collection.The menu bar above also gives you the option to browse listings by Authors, All Titles or Subjects in our holdings. While in these lists, clicking on the name of a particular author, or subject heading, will bring up the list of items associated with that person or subject (ex. Jane Parker Huber).

If you want to see a list of Videos only, or Books only, click on the “Collections” link and choose the appropriate collection to see a list of those items only.

What types of materials are listed?

As of 10/1/2014, all the main Resource Center collections can be viewed online. These include Books, Audio, and Video collections. Booklets/Journals and materials available for electronic download are also available.

How do I check out materials?

You may request materials by phone (866-344-7853), email (rhonda@presbyteryov.org), or in person. When you are logged in, you may also submit requests for items directly from the site itself. Just click on the link the “Request an Item” box on the left side of the page.

When do books and videos need to be returned?

When you check out materials, they will be due one month (4 weeks) from the check-out date. Any item easily can be renewed by phone or email, unless another person has already requested it.

What if I can’t find something?

If you can’t remember the exact title or author that you’re looking for, feel free to give the office a call or send us an email (above), and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I know if an item is available?

The page for each item shows whether it is currently on the shelves. Certain items are show as belonging to the Reference Collection. Those items may be looked at in the Presbytery Office, but are not loaned out.

How can I find out what’s new in the collection?

When new items are added to the Resource Center, their records will be tagged as “New” on the website, and noted in our eNewletter. If you would like to receive the POV eNews, please contact the POV office, or sign up on the POV News Site.

Where is the resource center housed?

The Resource Center is housed in the POV office, which is on the lower level of the United Presbyterian Church in Bloomington, Indiana. Our address is:

Presbytery of Ohio Valley
1701 East Second St., Suite 100
Bloomington, IN 47401