A Singing Faith

From the Preface Faith is meant to be sung, and hymns are for the singing of it. Some say that hymns are a greater influence on one’s personal theology even than sctripture or teaching or preaching or family or friends. I believe this is also true of the influence of hymns on our collective theology […]

Joy in Singing

From the Foreward by Jane Parker Huber ‘Language shapes our thinking. This has been stated before, and in recent years especially, has been effectively demonstrated in sociological, theological, and personal terms. Many people, however, resist the idea that words are all that significant. But, as Christians we are a people of THE WORD, and therefore, […]

Singing In Celebration

‘Hymns are written to be part of the liturgy-the work of the people of God. When you write a hymn, you are putting words into the mouths of other people, other worshipers. The words of hymns become the words of a worshiping congregation.’ — Jane Parker Huber Hymns in this book are grouped into five […]