Leadership on the OtherSide (Video)

We are living in what Tom and Bill call the Pre-Christian World. By that they mean that they believe that the 21st century will be more like the first century than the twentieth century. Thus, we find most of the clues to ministry and life in the 21st century back in the first century and […]

Leadership Without Easy Answers

The economy uncertain, education in decline, cities under siege, crime and poverty spiraling upward, international relations roiling: we look to leaders for solutions, and when they don’t deliver, we simply add their failure to our list of woes. In doing do, we do them and ourselves a grave disservice. We are indeed facing an unprecedented […]

Leading Change In The Congregation

Many books have been written about leadership and change, but until now none have come from the perspective of leading a community of faith through the kind of change that tears at the very fabric of the community. Senior Alban consultant Gil Rendle provides a respectful context to understanding change, especially the experiences and resistances […]

Leading Edge

Church leaders want to know that their leadership strategies are informed by Christian teaching and made credible by the authority of Scripture. In addition, pastors have an unquenchable thirst for new and unique approaches to leadership. These needs and many more are met as Robert Dale takes the reader through four primary leadership strategies in […]

Leading Without Power

Simple yet profound, Max De Pree’s observations are often quoted by America’s top CEOs, educators, and opinion makers. The best-selling author of Leadership Is an Art and Leadership Jazz, he has done no less than revolutionize leadership thinking and practice. Now, in Leading Without Power, De Pree finds that the most successful organizations of the […]

Leading Your Ministry

Pastors are often taught the finer points of preaching and counseling and the intricacies of theological thinking – and this is assumed to be enough – but rarely are they taught the principles of leadership. Two few leaders are identified and nurtured in seminary. Alan Nelson makes a case for that need and seeks to […]

Lending Your Leadership

As America faces great change, we must find new ways of cooperating with one another to solve problems beyond our individual control. That’s why communities are so important. Yet communities today desperately need leaders who can find ways to create new sources of social capital in the ever-changing culture. As leaders of one of the […]

Multigenerational Congregations

Congregations need to learn new cultural languages and practices in order to speak to and be heard by new generations of people. But how do congregations enter the wilderness of ministry with these new generations when many of those in the entourage do not appreciate the trip? In contrast to many writers about church growth, […]

New Designs For Church Leadership

Luecke contrasts modern-day leadership principles with the original Scriptural image of ‘fellowship building’ by carpenters, contractors, and architects. He then explores how church leaders motivate people from ‘inactive stones’ to ‘cornerstones’ as God builds a household of believers sharing together their life in Christ. By discussing and applying these principles with other leaders in your […]