A New Church For A New World

In this new volume, pastor and distinguished church leader John Buchanan reviews the history of the Christian community, examines the realities of the church world-wide, and looks forward to the future where a new church may be needed to meet the challenges of a new world. Drawing upon his belief that the church is a […]

Congregational Leadership In Anxious Times

Anxious times call for steady leadership. When tensions emerge in a congregation, its leaders cannot be as anxious as the people they serve. To remain effective, congregational leaders must control their own uneasiness. This takes self-awareness and confidence to manage relationships and influence behaviors. Knowing how to deal with anxiety and how to work through […]

Discovering Your Ministry Identity

This comprehensive workbook combines a series of seven exercises and assessments to help people personally discover who they are in Christ. The range of discovery includes these categories: spiritual fitness, spiritual gifting (from three different angles), ministry burden or passion, team style, personal values, and leadership strengths (Principle Priorities). This broad scope looks at the […]

If This Is The Way The World Works

In If This Is the Way the World Works William O. Avery and Beth Ann Gaede ask two primary questions: First, what principles from science are so broadly accepted that scientists themselves are willing to say, ‘This is the way the world works’? Second, how do congregations and their leaders behave when they operate in […]

Leadership An Art of Possibility Film Series

Discover both classic best-selling training films with hosts Ben Zander and Roz Zander and bonus new content. To speak possibility you do not need to be the top guy in the elegant suit. You can speak possibility from any position, anywhere in the world. A true leader keeps a possibility alive until every person involved […]

Leadership For A Changing Church

Change is the one constant on which the leaders of tomorrow’s church can rely. Changes in technology, changes in social structures, and changes in the church are happening at such a rapid pace that pastors and other church leaders share Mark Twain’s despair of ever keeping up with it all. The key is to train […]

Leadership In Congregations

This new book in Alban’s Harvesting the Learnings Series gathers the collected wisdom of over 10 years of Alban research and reflection on what it means to be a leader in a congregation, how our perceptions of leadership are changing, and exciting new directions for leadership in the future. With pieces by such diverse church […]

Leadership On The Line

Every day, in every facet of our lives, opportunities to lead call out to us. At work and at home, in our local communities and in the global village, the chance to make a difference beckons. Yet often, we hesitate. For all its passion and promise, for all its excitement and rewards, leading is risky, […]

Leadership On The Other Side

Most Christians would agree that the purpose of the church is to lead people into active, committed discipleship to Jesus Christ. Yet if this is the case, shouldn’t the goal of making disciples drive everything the church does? For example, shouldn’t the primary job of staff members be to recruit and mentor the laity in […]