Healthy Boundaries Training Program

Media Information:

Categories: Book Collection and Video Collection.
Publication Dates: 2012.
Publisher(s): FaithTrust Institute.
Produced by: FaithTrust Institute.
Subject(s): Clergy - Professional ethics, Sexual ethics, Violence - Domestic, and Violence - Sexual.
Format(s): Booklet Bound, DVD, and Spiral Bound.

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  • POV Video HEA
  • Summary:

    Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201¬†is a two-part training program with two DVDs, a teacher’s guide and two participant workbooks for levels 101 – Fundamentals and 201 – Beyond Basics. The goals of the program are to:

    • Increase awareness of the need for healthy boundaries in the clergy-congregant or teacher-student relationship
    • Provide clergy, lay leaders and teachers with guidelines for appropriate boundaries and self-care
    • Illustrate strategies to sustain a safe, healthy church
    • Define boundaries and why they are important

    The training topics address:

    • Theology¬† and the Nature of Boundaries
    • Power and Vulnerability
    • Dating, Friendships, Dual Relationships, Gifts
    • The Pulpit, Transference, Hugging and Touch, Intimacy
    • Emerging Issues in Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
    • Living with Healthy Boundaries (modules include currrent issues and topics such as internet technology, social media, pornography, finance, sexual attraction)
    • Personal Needs and Self-Care, Red Flags, Final Reflections

    The accompanying teacher’s guide includes background information, discussion questions, and interactive exercises in two sections that coincide with participant course workbooks.