Creative Stewardship

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Cunningham (Richard B.).
Publication Dates: 1979.
Publisher(s): Abingdon Press.
Subject(s): Christian giving, Church finance, and Stewardship - Christian.
Format(s): Softcover.

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  • BV 772 .C77 1979
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    Creative Stewardship offers to the leaders of the church, both lay and clergy, guidelines that will help them apply the principles and patterns of Christian stewardship as a model for creative lining. How can we be better stewards to further God’s purpose in creation’s redemption? Dr. Cunningham shows the far reaching implications of the steward’s total responsibility to manage the resources of life, which are not limited to financial concerns. This comprehensive study begins with biblical reflection on the meaning of stewardship and moves on to practical concerns, to integreate theory and practive. Dr. Cunningham evokes the image of a steward sho is entrusted with the care of the things of the earth, but whose ultimate responsibility is to God. As stewards, we are caretakers of God’s world and the material possessions in it. Dr. Cunningham devotes some attention to corporate stewardship of the church, with sections on tithing, writing wills, setting up trusts and foundations, as well as suggestions to churches on the use, acquisition and disposition of material resources.