Creative Stewardship

Creative Stewardship offers to the leaders of the church, both lay and clergy, guidelines that will help them apply the principles and patterns of Christian stewardship as a model for creative lining. How can we be better stewards to further God’s purpose in creation’s redemption? Dr. Cunningham shows the far reaching implications of the steward’s […]

The Big Book Of Presbyterian Stewardship

This book deals in a practical, clear, easy-to-understand manner with the full extent of financial issues that face a church. With a comprehensive scope, this book offers a fresh perspective and fun ideas for people who may not have any financial background or experience. Each chapter suggests a creative way to handle a significant money […]

The Debt-Free Church

Like consumers, churches and Christian ministries often get themselves into financial trouble: They go into debt – for new buildings, unbudgeted programs, or even to meet operating expenses – and then weeks, months, or years later wake up to the reality of long-term payments. They realize only too late that their effectiveness and ability to […]

Winning Grants To Strengthen Your Ministry

Ministry leaders possess the compassion, creativity, and knowledge about community needs that grant funders appreciate. Yet ministry groups are often less experienced than other types of nonprofit organizations in discerning which funding to seek, understanding how to build relationships with funders, and putting together proposals. This book offers a pathway to strengthening new and existing […]