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POV Assembly: June 15th at Mitchell

The next Assembly will take place at 10:00 am (ET) on Thursday, 6/15/2017 at the Mitchell Presbyterian Church.

Registration will begin at 9:00 am (ET).

The packet, driving directions, and the minutes from the March 25, 2017 meeting will be available for download from the assembly web page after 4:00pm on June 8th.

Online registration for the Assembly is available now. Please let us know if you will be in attendance!

POV Assembly: March 25, 2017

The next Assembly will take place at 10:00 am (ET) on Saturday, 3/25/2017 at the Mitchell Presbyterian Church.

Registration will begin at 9:00 am (ET).

At this Assembly, we will be voting on the proposed amendments to the Book of Order that were approved by the 222nd General Assembly. The amendments are available via download at the following link: Proposed Amendments to the Constitution.

As this is the only method by which the amendments have been made available, we strongly recommend that you print the document beforehand and bring it with you to the meeting. The wireless network at Mitchell will not be able to handle everyone trying to access the document at once, and we will only be printing a limited amount of copies to bring.

The packet, driving directions, and the minutes from the December 2016 meeting will be available for download from the assembly web page after 4:00pm on March 16th.

Online registration for the Assembly is available now. Please let us know if you will be in attendance!

June 4th Assembly News

Joining God’s Good Work in Our Communities: The Presbytery of Ohio Valley assembles to celebrate what we’re doing already and explore what we might yet do. 

God is up to something! All around the world, and right around the corner, God is up to something. And the good news is that we are a part of it!  The congregations of the Presbytery of Ohio Valley make a difference as we bear witness, in word and in deed, to God’s sovereign activity in the world.

The Congregational Mission and Vitality Committee and the Evangelism and Congregational Witness Committee invite you to a different kind of Presbytery Assembly. Regular business will be kept to a bare minimum, as our primary business of the day will be to celebrate what we’re already doing in our communities and to explore what we might yet do.  Consider bringing an additional member or two from your congregation for this special day.

We Will:

  • Gather for worship and proclamation, hearing a few new stories of congregations who are joining God’s good work.
  • Engage with one another (using “World Café” conversations) to generate new ideas.
  • Be led in song by the gospel band “Living By Faith” (in which our moderator Zack Ellison plays). And those who play an instrument are welcome to bring it and join in a pick-up band for the closing worship.
  • Feast on fellowship with one another, as well as grilled cookout fare (hamburgers and hot dogs with vegetarian and gluten-free options available).
  • Receive a small gift to help us make a joyful noise.

The Assembly will take place at 10:00am (9:00am Central) on Saturday, 6/4/2016 at the Mitchell Presbyterian Church, with registration starting an hour earlier.

The packet, driving directions, and the minutes from the April meeting will be available for download from the assembly web page after 4:00pm on May 26th.

Online Pre-registration for the Assembly is available now.

What Happened at Assembly 3/7/2015

Mitchell Church Hosted our meeting.  We appreciate the hospitality of the Mitchell Church, especially in times when the weather may turn sour.  Mitchell is the most geographically central church to all of our churches.  The facility is wonderful and the members do their best to help us know we are welcomed.

Worship is a part of every Assembly in all aspects of our meetings.  It always includes business, preaching and the celebration of Communion.  Anne Marshall preached for this meeting.   Anne and Mitch Coggin celebrated the sacrament together.

We Voted on Amendments to the Constitution of the denomination.  The Assembly voted “yes” to all the proposed changes except a change in the Confessions.  That last item will be voted in June.   The breakdown of our vote and a comment are below: —

14-Athis would prevent work in the church by those who have renounced jurisdiction of the church during a judicial process.4729
14-B 1&2these amendments clarify the intent of the preparation for ministry 1&2 process.742
14-Cthis would require all sessions, presbyteries and synods to have child protection policies in place.742
14-Dthis would establish a flexible minimum size for a presbytery.724
14-Ewould make a clear statement about dialogue between our church and other faith expressions.6511
14-Fwould allow a broader definition of marriage, while maintaining the right of each session to determine if a marriage ceremony is to be performed on church property, as well as maintaining the discretion of teaching elders to determine if they will officiate at any given wedding.5618

A Parental Leave Policy was adopted.  A condition of call to pastors, Commissioned Ruling Elders and Certified Christian Educators is that Parental Leave is available for the birth or adoption of a child.  The full policy is on the Presbytery website.

Larry Jackman, Stated Clerk

What Happened At Assembly 12/2/14

December 2, 2014

A Short Day at Mitchell—As is our norm, we met at Mitchell for our year-end meeting.  The half day meeting began at 1:00.

Worship—Our opening worship was led by our retiring moderator Elder Judy Holy and Susan McGhee.  Communion was celebrated to mark the close of the meeting.

New Leaders—The assembly greeted our new Synod Executive the Rev. Sara Dingman.  Sara offered her personal greetings to the presbytery.  Also, we met and had opportunity to hear greetings from the new Director of Pyoca.  Rev. Jake Hofmeister has recently taken office.

Meeting of the Corporation—Each year the Presbytery meets as a corporation of the State of Indiana.  It is this corporation that conducts civil business.  As a company, we elected Lant Davis as our President, Rob Peters as Vice-President and Jean Brown as Treasurer.

The Stated Clerk Reported—Larry reminded all moderators and clerks of session to get their annual reporting done early.  Support for that process can be through the Clerk or through Stephanie Worden at the office.

Larry also reminded the Assembly that we will be voting on Amendments to the Book of Order at our March meeting.

Per Capita and Budget Actions – A budget was presented and adopted.  Good conversation and discussion of that budget accompanied the adoption.  The total rate of the per capita will not change.  $29.33 remains the total of per capita.

Honorable Retirements – Rev. Jay Hudson was recognized as he retires and leaves behind the post of President of Presbyterian Investment Loan, Inc.  Jay joined Rev Dave Crittenden as Dave also retires from being the Interim Synod Executive of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies.

Both Jay and Dave have been invaluable resources to the churches of our presbytery.

Election of New Officers and Committee/Commission Members – The nominating committee reported a slate of candidates for the Presbytery.  Nominations for membership of the nominating committee itself were presented by the Council. Along with many others Rev. Eric Erickson was elected as Moderator of Presbytery for 2015 and Elder Zack Ellison as Vice Moderator.  Officers were installed and the retiring Moderator, Judy Holy was honored for her service as Moderator for 2014.

Lawrence Jackman, Stated Clerk

Doctoral Music Students Present Recital

On Sunday, August 25th, at 2 p.m. the Mitchell Presbyterian Church will host a recital given by three Indiana University doctoral music students.  The classical piano/vocal recital is free to the public.  A free will offering with be gathered and given entirely to the music programs at Mitchell and Bedford Jr/Sr High Schools to provide assistance to students who might not otherwise be able to afford and receive a music education. Light refreshments will be available following the recital.

Please announce this information to your choir and congregation.   We are excited that these musicians are donating their substantial talent to benefit younger students.  The recital will be of benefit to all who attend because the music they present will be outstanding.

Sara Shields, Pastor
Mitchell Presbyterian church
520 State Road 60 East, Mitchell

It’ll be music for your soul!

Postcard Download

Need more information?
Email us: mitchellpc@nullfrontier.com

“Dancing Up A Storm” Relief

Friday, June 22nd from 6:00-9:00pm

“Dancing Up a Storm” Relief will be held at the Mitchell Presbyterian Church

520 State Road 60 East
Mitchell, IN

Put on your dancing shoes!  Come, enjoy the music of the 50’s up to the present!

  • Local celebrity Joe Byrum will be the DJ
  • Entry Fee is a Donation.
  • All proceeds will go to help recovery efforts in areas impacted by the March 2nd tornadoes.

The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

Refreshments will be served.