Transformation Study Series

Media Information:

Categories: Video Collection.
Publication Dates: 2009.
Produced by: Presbytery of Great Rivers.
Subject(s): Bible -- Study and teaching.
Format(s): DVD.

Copies in the Resource Center:

  • POV Video 95
  • Summary:

    This DVD contains a series of five Bible Studies for your use in a series of session meetings, or a retreat, or a series of meetings with a Long Range Planning or Visioning Committee, or in any other way that seems appropriate to your setting.

    The intention is that each session might take your group about an hour to complete. You might want to invite the members of the group to read the Bible verses before they come to the meeting. The discussions by people gathered around a table at the beginning of each section are intended to help your group to imagine how it might discuss the same question. This is followed by a reflection on the Bible story. After watching that reflection, you are invited to consider a series of questions about that story.

    Enter into this experience with an open heart and the expectation to be transformed by the renewing of your minds and there is no limit to the places to which you may find God calling your congregation.