A Calvin Treasury

This book is a handy tool for pastors, theological students, and laity seeking a better understanding of the teaching of John Calvin. With the new study guide, it is a comprehensive, easy-to-read introduction to the most influential book of the Protestant Reformation: Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. The translation used is that of Ford […]

God The Redeemer

Influenced by contemporary discussion and indebted to classical tradition, McGlasson contrasts literal and critical interpretations of the Bible. His thought-provoking work presents and analyzes the central Biblical and theological concepts of the Christian witness in an original and illuminating way.

The Christian Doctrine Of Creation And Redemption

From the Preface by Emil Brunner “The doctrine of Creation and Revelation here offered is based upon the conviction that sound criticism and genuine Christian thinking are not incompatible. Those members of the Church who passively accept what they have been taught as ‘revealed truth’ seem to be unaware of the fact that their view […]