Constructing A Public Theology

The essays in this book demonstrate that a theology shaped by the biblical narratives and grounded in the practices of the Christian community can provide resources to enable people to regain a public voice in a pluralistic culture. Ronald Theimann challenges us to develop a public theology that remains based in the particulars of Christian […]

Presbyterian Social Witness Policy Compilation

Contains Presbyterian policies 1946-1999 Compiled by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy. Excerpt from the Introductory Letter: “The Presbyterian Social Witness Policy Compilation is a compendium of social witness adopted by the General Assemblies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and its predecessor denominations. The Social Policy Compilation presents each policy statement, resolution, or commissioner’s resolution […]

Resolution Calling for the Abolition of For-Profit Private Prisons

This resolution was developed by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP) and includes an analysis of the arguments for and against for-profit private prisons. The report as a whole was approved by the 215th General Assembly 2003 for church-wide study and implementation. It makes clear that private prisons are not an economic but […]

Toward a New Social Awakening

This 28-minute DVD is a professionally produced documentary introducing both the 1908 and 2008 Social Creeds and the church’s prophetic concerns in the century in between. Presbyterian and ecumenical leaders speak to why and how the church has used it voice and built structures for economic, racial, women’s and environmental justice. A final section looks […]