At Ease

John and Sylvia Ronsvalle, with U. Milo Kaufmann, have ventured where angels fear to go – talking about money in Christian community. This is a ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting book. The authors cover the general foundations of what makes for good groups while uncovering the hidden secrets of why we won’t talk to each other about money. […]

Know And Be Known

People yearn for a sense of belonging. Congregations become places of belonging when people find ways to make connections, form relationships, and share their personal stories. That’s hard to do in the hasty comings and goings around the typical worship service. Its even hard to do in a choir, committee, or ministry group.┬áIn Know and […]

Reflecting With God

Untangling the day-to-day issues in our multifaceted lives can seem daunting. Time to sit quietly and reflect is rare. If we are fortunate, we have good friends or close family members with whom to talk things through and find clarity, but many times we feel isolated and lonely. As people of faith, we add another […]

The 3 Colors Of Community

The 3 Colors of Community presents an altogether new way of approaching small groups. Rather than being preoccupied with the technical aspects of small group ministry, this book focuses on the qualities that are fundamental for any sort of Christian community, be it a family, a prayer meeting, a Bible study group, a task force, […]

Unbinding Your Soul

Has your church finished the Unbinding Series and asked Are there more prayers? and Where do we go from here? Or have you heard about the Unbinding Series, but not sure if you want to jump in just yet? Unbinding Your Soul is a collection of 40-day prayer journals to be used as either an […]