Book Of Common Worship, 1993 edition

This ambitious undertaking gathers in one volume all the important elements of the seven Supplemental Liturgical Resources to provide orders of worship and liturgical texts for each Sunday, for every festival and season throughout the year, plus Baptism, the marriage ceremony, daily prayer, funeral and pastoral liturgies, and more.

Book of Common Worship, 2018 edition

This useful volume includes everything church leaders need for Sunday worship, the Christian year, the sacraments, and pastoral and occasional services, such as ordinations, weddings, wholeness services, and funerals. This revision adds brief passages of practical commentary before each section and service, as well as more guidance for those who pray spontaneously or compose their […]

Psalter For Christian Worship

The singing of psalms in meter – once so vital to Presbyterian worship – has all but disppeared from our tradition. In this psalter, church organist Michael Morgan has reclaimed the pslams for congregational worship with new texts set to familiar hymn tunes. This collection, for worship leaders, musicians and congregations, will inspire both corporate […]