A Calvin Treasury

This book is a handy tool for pastors, theological students, and laity seeking a better understanding of the teaching of John Calvin. With the new study guide, it is a comprehensive, easy-to-read introduction to the most influential book of the Protestant Reformation: Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. The translation used is that of Ford […]

A Reading Of Calvin’s Institutes

‘Professor Reist provides us with a careful and fully documented account of the themes and the structure of the Institutes…. His years of living with Calvin’s writings are reflected in an ability to penetrate to the inner logic and development of the Reformer’s thought and effectively to counter many of the gross misunderstandings represented among […]

Always Being Reformed

Is it possible to maintain and defend Christian faithfulness and integrity in a pluralistic world without being arrogant, exclusive, intolerant, or irrelevant? Is it possible to be open to change, tolerant of difference, and relevant without compromising or sacrificing christian authenticity? Shirley Guthrie looks to the Reformed confessions to answer these questions. He asserts that […]

By John Calvin

Dr. Kerr, in his short biographical sketch, but mainly in his discriminating selection of Calvin’s letters, treatises, addresses, prayers and even a hymn, brings the religious genius of Geneva to life. Outstanding here is the very heart of Calvin’s legacy to Christendom: Institutes of the Christian Religion.

Calvin For Armchair Theologians

In this concise introduction to Calvin’s life and thought, Elwood offers an insightful and accessible overview of Calvin’s key teachings within his historical context. The trials and travails Calvin encountered as he ministered and taught in Geneva are given with special attention to theological controversies associated with the Trinity and predestination. Elwood indicates the ways […]

Calvin’s Ecclesiastical Advice

In this collection of forty-six letters and writings of John Calvin, newly translated into English, the reformer gives advice to individuals and groups about theology, ethics, worship, politics, economics, and church practices. Topics discussed include dogmatics and polemics, changes (and the need for changes) in religion, the worship of images, ecclesiastical discipline, marriage, and justice.┬áSpecific […]

Calvin’s Institutes

This is an easy to read book that follows the main development of Calvin’s theology, accentuating Calvin’s positive convictions without lingering over matters of only dated importance. Also, persons who desire authentic texts of a religious tradition. Selections are reprinted from Calvin: Institutes of the Christian religion, edited by John T. MacNeill and translated by […]

Introducing The Reformed Faith

In this guide to the Reformed tradition, Donald McKim examines sixteen theological doctrines (for example, Scripture, Trinity, Sin, Person and Work of Christ, Church) and shows how the Reformed understanding of each contributes to the broader ecumenical family of Christian teachings. Each chapter gives the biblical basis for the doctrine, then traces its development through […]

Introduction To The Reformed Tradition

From the Preface: ‘This study of the Reformed tradition is motivated by gratitude for a heritage that has nurtured and shaped the writer’s own life and by the conviction that the tradition provides resources, clues, and inspiration for life in the last quarter of the twentieth century… The Reformed tradition has been one of the […]