A Brief History Of The Presbyterians

A Brief History of the Presbyterians offers laity and clergy a succinct and thorough introduction to the history of Presbyterianism. James Smylie reaches into the past and vividly recounts the story of a faithful people known as Presbyterians. He chronicles the origins of the Reformed tradition and carries the saga through each subsequent era up […]

Presbyterian Beliefs

This book introduces the major beliefs of Presbyterians. It is written nontechnically to provide readers with a clear discussion of what Presbyterians believe about key theological topics. It is arranged according to three broad headings: the God Who Reveals, Creates, and Guides; the Christ Who Saves People like Us; and the Church, Where Faith Begins, […]


This highly popular account of the chief events and doctrines of the Presbyterian Church continues to have great appeal to everyone – laypersons, youth, and ministers, students of religion, history, and sociology – in fact, anyone who is interested in the development of a major body of Christians. Clearly written, [it] gives new understanding andĀ appreciationĀ of […]

The Distinctiveness of Presbyterianism (Series)

This is a video-taped study of a Continuing Education event at the Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, VA. The class discussions — ten hours’ worth — have been edited into segments that could be used for group discussions in many different setttings in the church, and the study guide is designed to help […]

Who Are We Presbyterians?

Just what does it mean to be Presbyterian? We come in all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, and so forth. While we are diverse in many ways, we share a common history, form of government, and set of beliefs. Our purpose centers on sharing the love of God in Jesus Christ in word and deed and […]