A Brief History Of The Presbyterians

A Brief History of the Presbyterians offers laity and clergy a succinct and thorough introduction to the history of Presbyterianism. James Smylie reaches into the past and vividly recounts the story of a faithful people known as Presbyterians. He chronicles the origins of the Reformed tradition and carries the saga through each subsequent era up […]

Authentic Congregations

William Hopper believes it is time for a renewed emphasis on congregations in the life of the Presbyterian Church, and so in this book he challenges Presbyterians to revitalize congregational leadership, organization, and mission for greater service in a changing world. Using case studies of “authentic congregations” — diverse Presbyterian congregations that are responding creatively […]

Study Guide For The Re-Forming Tradition

This practical resource will assist individuals and adult groups in church school classes, sessions, and retreats by clarifying some of the major themes of each chapter in The Re-Forming Tradition. Study helps for the other volumes of The Presbyterian Presence: The Twentieth Century Experience series are also included. The writers offer excellent suggestions to spur […]

The Diversity Of Discipleship

This volume considers three issues — outreach, ecumenism, and pluralism — that have confounded the witness of faith in the Presbyterian Church. Examples are given of the interlocking and sometimes interfering interplay among outreach, ecumenism, and pluralism in the quest for distinctive Presbyterian discipleship.

The Presbyterians

In a brief, narrative survey, Balmer and Fitzmier trace the history of the Presbyterian tradition, from its roots in Europe to its manifestations in contemporary America. The six chapters cover the European origins of Presbyterianism; the growth of Presbyterianism in the Northern and Southern states during the nineteenth century; and the development of Presbyterianism in […]

The Re-Forming Tradition

This book challenges American Presbyterians to remember their calling as Christians. The authors believe that Presbyterians are summoned to a character of life that will awaken and address the religious questions of today with powerful and persuasive Christian perspectives and answers.