Basic Mission Support Manual

A manual designed to assist committees as they plan for Presbytery-Session Basic Mission Support consultations. Includes an overview of the purposes for consultations, concrete help for the actual consultation, suggestions for follow-up & evaluation, a glossary, & resource section.

The Big Book Of Presbyterian Stewardship

This book deals in a practical, clear, easy-to-understand manner with the full extent of financial issues that face a church. With a comprehensive scope, this book offers a fresh perspective and fun ideas for people who may not have any financial background or experience. Each chapter suggests a creative way to handle a significant money […]

The Price Of Faith

Although stewardship itself is a word often heard in the church, money is rarely discussed in terms of the ethical decisions and daily lifestyle choices we make. The Price of Faith presents a holistic definition of stewardship, pressing the reader beyond budgets and pledge campaigns. Cross examines what money and wealth mean for us in […]