Carriers Of Faith

This book is written to honor Robert Lynn, who contributed to both theological foundations and the practice of faith during his tenure as Senior Vice Presidents for Religion of the Lilly Endowment. These essays, by seventeen authors of various denominational, professional, and personal backgrounds, describe different aspects of the role of congregations in transmitting faith. […]

Congregation: Stories And Structures

In a unique, full-scale study of congregational life, Hopewell shows that it is narrative-the oral tradition-that knits a congregation together. Reviews: ‘This book fills an important gap in the literature of practical theology. Practical theology needs to know how to describe situations, especially the empirical situation of the church. We will depend on Hopewell’s method […]

Running Through The Thistles

Can how you leave a church affect your feelings about leaving or create “baggage” you take to your new congregation? Gain insight into termination styles and how they affect both you and your parishioners. Oswald guides you through Alban Institute research findings, using real-life illustrations. Roy M. Oswald has provided leadership for hundreds of conferences […]

Saying Goodbye

Leaving a pastorate is hard on both congregation and pastor. Learn how to make this transition a growth experience for all. Written for congregations and pastors, Saying Goodbye skillfully weaves accounts from clergy, laity, and educators of seven denominations with White’s own insight as a former General Presbyter to create a resource for meaningful and […]

Studying Congregations

This new edition of Handbook for Congregational Studies replaces the previous edition. In this new edition, the authors update what has become the primary textbook in the field of congregational studies in the seminary classroom. Studying Congregations: A New Handbook will also be a useful reference for pastors, denominational leaders, and strategic planning committees.

The Congregation: Sign Of Hope

This book affirms congregational life as the unique place where persons encounter Christ. It looks at the unique mission of the congregation and outlines a process by which every congregation can move beyond mere maintenance of the current situation and into true mission. The book blends theory, theology, and practical experience in a readable ‘story’ […]

Transforming Congregations For The Future

In this third volume of the Once and Future Church┬áseries and sequel to his book The Once and Future Church, Loren Mead picks up where he left off. If God is calling the church to reshape itself, where do we begin? On what basis should we build? The declining numbers of denominational membership and recent […]